Larson J. Isely
Chief Technology & Data Officer, Executive Vice President and General Manager of UAS Division

Guidance Systems Expert and Consulting Scientist retained by major Aerospace & Defense firms.
IBM Executive Leadership positions spanning decades included VP of Engineering and Operations.
Executive Management Consultant responsible for Fortune 50 Big Data Architecture and Deployment.

Whether designing worldwide Big Data and Machine Learning solutions for the largest financial institutions, leading IBM Product Engineering, or developing Advanced Flight Control and Guidance Systems at Defense and Aerospace clients, project successes have always been achieved through implementation of ultra-robust solutions for highly complex problems.

As UAS technology progresses beyond Gen7, this portfolio of leadership and technical credentials includes all the skill sets necessary for corporate governance in an industry increasingly dependent on Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning to sustain exponential growth.

Graduate Studies

NC State University – Operations Research (OR)

BS in Statistics with Honors

University of Florida


• Data Lakes & Data Science
• VP of Engineering, CTO & CDO
• Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

Guidance & Flight Control Systems:

• F-16, B-1, B-52, C-5, C-130 Avionics
• AGM-84 & BGM-109 Cruise Missiles
• AIM-54C Phoenix & AIM-120 AAMs
• LGM-118 MX Peacekeeper ICBM
• Classified Spacecraft & Shuttle FCS