Michael N. Porter
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Porter graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and began his career at semi-conductor and LED manufacturer, Cree Inc. While at Cree, he was involved in the daily operations and maintenance support for Cree’s robotics systems. Mr. Porter developed a specific area of expertise in the Packaging and Testing areas.

In 2007 Mr. Porter joined the Cyberlux team to oversee the design and development of military and commercial product lines. He has extensive experience in the launch of new product lines, mechanical and electronic design, supply chain management, rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing & development cost analysis. As Chief Engineering Officer for Cyberlux Corporation and LED lighting expert, Mr. Porter is responsible for overseeing both the strategic technology direction of the company and the day to day execution of the engineering process.

During his tenure with Cyberlux, Mr. Porter has also become an integral part of the executive sales team and is directly involved in assessing customer requirements, customer sales meetings and technology training events.