Cyberlux Corporation (OTC: CYBL) and Strike Group, LLC Partner to Deliver FlightEye Drone Solutions and Cyberlux Infrastructure Products to U.S. Agencies and Commercial Markets

September 24, 2021
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Durham, NC —

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Cyberlux Corporation and Strike Group, LLC Partner to Deliver FlightEye Drone Solutions and Cyberlux Infrastructure Products to the DoD and Commerical Marketplace Final 09.24.2021.pdf

The Company announces its Channel Delivery Partnership with Strike Group, LLC to Drive Adoption of the FlightEye FlightGDN Platform and the Cyberlux LED and Solar Power Infrastructure Products.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (September 24, 2021) Cyberlux Corporation, (OTC: CYBL), a leading provider of LED lighting, renewable energy, and active technology solutions, announced today that the Company has formed a Channel Delivery Partnership with Strike Group, LLC (www.strikegroup.org) to drive the adoption, contracting and revenue of the FlightEye Drone Solutions products and the Cyberlux Infrastructure products including LED street lighting and solar power solutions.

Strike Group, LLC, is a world leader in sustainment logistics, infrastructure delivery, and material sourcing for U.S. Agencies, the Department of Defense, and the commercial contracting marketplace, with expertise in distribution, logistics and infrastructure delivery. Since 1998, Strike Group has been an L-3 Integrated Systems Group partner and has helped deliver aircraft modernization and mission systems integration to mission-critical locations around the world. Strike Group manages world-wide logistics programs for the U.S. Marine Corps, supports FAA airport runway lighting expansion programs, and provides platform integration and building infrastructure supply and services for Federal Agencies and commercial projects. Strike Group offers innovative solutions in the distribution, sustained logistics support and field service for military, government, federal, and commercial customers. Strike Group has office locations in Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Las Vegas, NV; St. Louis, MO; Arlington, VA, Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA and Bremerton, WA.

Strike Group, LLC was founded by Mr. Lane Coleman, a retired U.S. Naval Officer with a distinguished military career in Naval Aviation and Naval Intelligence. Mr. Coleman served his country in support of Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. After the 9/11 tragedy, he was recalled to active duty to serve as an Intelligence Officer at the Pentagon. Upon completion of 20 years of dedicated service, he retired from the Naval Reserves in 2009. Mr. Coleman now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Strike Group, LLC.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Strike Group, LLC will provide marketing, sales, contracting and delivery support for the Cyberlux FlightEye Drone Solutions products and Infrastructure products, including both tactical and strategic contracting, access to senior government decision-makers in the emerging UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) marketplace, and access to specific U.S. agency requirements for ongoing Cyberlux technology and solution development. Strike Group will provide solution sales support for all U.S. governmental agencies, including expansion into new agencies currently not served by Cyberlux products. Going forward, Strike Group will leverage the significant Cyberlux engineering and product development knowhow to help drive Cyberlux to industry leadership in the UAS market, including patentable UAS-related technology and strategic intellectual property development. With this channel delivery partnership, Cyberlux plans to introduce advanced solutions in both the UAS and infrastructure product space and expects to drive more than $20 million in contract revenue during the first three years of the Strike Group relationship.

Cyberlux CEO Mark Schmidt commented:

We have been working with Lane and the Strike Group team to launch this exciting channel delivery partnership, and we are so excited by their DoD reach, their market understanding and their delivery capabilities. For our launch of the FlightEye Drone Solutions products, the Strike Group team has vast experience in the aviation market that sets up perfectly for Cyberlux to gain UAS leadership. From an infrastructure standpoint, Strike Group has ongoing projects federal, state and local where Cyberlux products are a perfect fit. With this Strike Group channel delivery relationship, we now have the incremental capability to truly drive market leadership in the UAS and Infrastructure vertical markets. We are now positioned to take full advantage of the coming infrastructure spending as well, said Mr. Schmidt.

Strike Group CEO Lane Coleman commented:

Our team at Strike Group is ready to deliver contracts and bring full solution support to the market for these outstanding Cyberlux products. I cant say strongly enough how the FlightEye Drone Solutions products will deliver market leadership to Cyberlux and the Strike Group. And with our infrastructure project pipeline, we have an immediate fit for LED streetlighting and the solar power products. Our team looks forward to working with Cyberlux to serve this exciting and enormous market within the Department of Defense and Federal government agencies. We are ready to go.

Introducing the FlightGDN Technology Platform

Cyberlux has introduced FlightGDN, a global UAS capabilities framework to harness the future of UAS capabilities. FlightGDN is a proprietary technology platform to support compact, next-generation military-grade UAS products and UAS solution packages. Encompassing both proprietary Cyberlux and third-party technologies, including LED lighting, infrared night vision capability, thermal sensor technology, eye-in-the-sky monitoring capabilities, LiDAR mapping and advanced VR/AR perception technologies, the FlightGDN platform will provide a seamless, scalable UAS solution for both military and commercial UAS command and control operations.

Cyberlux Corporation is actively pursuing partnerships with UAS technology companies and drone service providers. Moving forward, Cyberlux is harnessing the future through fundamental organic growth, through acquisitions and joint ventures, and through the commercialization of future technology developments.

About Cyberlux Corporation

Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL), a leader in solid-state lighting innovation, has developed breakthrough LED lighting, energy efficiency technology and active technology capabilities, with solutions available today in U.S. government agencies, commercial markets and international opportunities. For more information, please visit www.cyberlux.com. For investor information, please contact: ir_cybl@cyberlux.com


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