Cyberlux Corporation (OTC: CYBL) Announces the Acquisition of FBD Group SHPK to build out its Infrastructure Technology Platform in Europe with expansion set for North and South America

October 7, 2021
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Cyberlux reaches agreement to acquire FBD Group SHPK as the Companys key infrastructure technology capability across Europe, to be leveraged in South American renewable energy projects, the upcoming U.S. infrastructure spending deployment and ongoing technology platform development.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (October 7, 2021) Today, Cyberlux Corporation, (OTC: CYBL), a leading provider of LED lighting, renewable energy, and advanced unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technology solutions, announced that the Company has acquired FBD Group SHPK to build out the Cyberlux infrastructure technology capability platform, including key technology assets and personnel resources, creating the growth engine for the Cyberlux infrastructure business across Europe and North and South America. With this acquisition, the Company has created a new business unit, Cyberlux Infrastructure Technology Solutions (Cyberlux ITS), as the next Cyberlux business platform that will drive the execution and implementation of core Cyberlux infrastructure technology across global renewable energy and infrastructure projects.

FBD Group is a global telecommunications, infrastructure, software and service provider, and an innovator in next-generation telecommunications technologies such as 5G, a key communication technology for unmanned aircraft guidance systems. Established in 2009, FBD Group is headquartered in Tirana, Albania, a NATO member country, and is one of the key providers of telecommunications infrastructure and equipment in the region, as well as one of the main suppliers of fiber optic broadband network infrastructure. FBD Group also operates a private propriety broadband network, has dedicated servers for cloud and hosting services, and a global multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network with spanning points of presence (POPs) in the USA, Europe, and Asia. FBD Group has extensive knowledge and experience in building telecommunications infrastructure and software applications, and is also active with infrastructure projects in Kosovo, the site of one of Europes most strategic NATO military bases. In addition, FBD Group brings expansive software development capabilities including advanced software developers who have experience in building enterprise-level software solutions, which will assist Cyberlux in building the end-to-end UAS data management and analytics support infrastructure required by the FlightGDN UAS platform.

As a result of this acquisition, Cyberlux Corporation owns 100% of FBD Group SHPK in a transaction comprised of both shares of common stock valued at $0.10 and $0.20, and a cash component paid out over a two-year earnout period, with certain equity incentives for continued revenue growth levels, project implementation milestones, and technology and intellectual property development objectives. Cyberlux intends to make strategic investments for ongoing technology development and working capital investments for further business expansion in Europe, the United States and South America. Through the Cyberlux Infrastructure Technology platform, Cyberlux Corporation will expand the Companys infrastructure software and hardware technology capability and create ongoing growth in revenue, profit, and shareholder value, specifically through the implementation of renewable energy projects and the imminent U.S. infrastructure spending cycle.

With the launch of the Cyberlux ITS business unit, Cyberlux Corporation has transferred all existing related technology into the new business unit, and all newly developed infrastructure technology and related intellectual property will be consolidated with its core business unit capabilities. Further, the Cyberlux ITS business unit has also opened a sales and operations office in Miami, Florida where the business unit will address all North and South American renewable energy projects and execute all U.S. infrastructure spending opportunities, utilizing the FBD Groups capabilities and cost structure advantages in these markets.

Cyberlux Corporation CEO Mark Schmidt stated:

Today is a fantastic day for the Cyberlux community, and we are so thrilled to have FBD Group join the Cyberlux family, with its extensive hardware and software capabilities, core infrastructure technology and global implementation know-how. We view the FBD Groups expansive skillset to be a force-multiplier across the Cyberlux organization, including our UAS business unit, our renewable energy products, and our Cyberlux Department of Defense technology. We are focused on building a long-term competitive advantage with each Cyberlux platform business unit supporting and growing the overall Cyberlux Corporation business.

FBD Group also brings experience and knowhow to the renewable energy projects we have outlined in Operation Alpha. With Albania having invested heavily in renewable energy projects including solar, wind and hydroelectric, it is one of the few countries in the world to achieve 100 percent reliance on renewable energy. With our new operations office now in Miami, we are very excited to accelerate our business development in both North and South America. The addition of FBD Group to the Cyberlux platform is a true accelerator, and I will be introducing the team and communicating additional details in the coming days.

The acquisition of FBD Group fundamentally changes the reach and scope of Cyberlux Corporation to that of a platform company with global capabilities. We now have reach across Europe, resource to deliver infrastructure technology and core project implementation, including expansive software development capabilities, in all of our geographic regions of interest. We are focused on building a long-term competitive advantage with each Cyberlux platform business unit supporting and growing the overall Cyberlux Corporation business. We fully expect the Cyberlux ITS business unit to grow to more than $11 million in revenue in 2022, $24 million in 2023 and close to $50 million in 2025. As Ive said, we are just getting started!

The Cyberlux Infrastructure Technology Solutions business unit will deliver infrastructure software and hardware capabilities, including renewable energy, telecommunications technology, infrastructure project implementation, and related technology and intellectual property development. Moving forward, Cyberlux is harnessing the future through fundamental organic growth, through acquisitions and joint ventures, and through the commercialization of future technology developments.

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