Cyberlux Corporation (OTC: CYBL) Grows Revenue by 12% Month-to-Month and Exceeds its April 2022 Revenue Plan by 23%, also Beating the Year-to-Date Plan by 34% to Drive the Key April Milestones

The Company exceeded its April 2022 Plan by 23 percent, increased Revenue by 12 percent Month-to-Month and Exceeded the Year-to-Date Plan by 34 percent as the Key Accomplishments achieved in April 2022

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (May 10, 2022) – Today, Cyberlux Corporation, (OTC: CYBL), an advanced digital technology platform company leading the digital transformation evolution across industries with breakthrough Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, advanced unmanned aircraft solutions (UAS), cutting-edge lighting solutions, and renewable energy and infrastructure technology solutions, announced that the Company exceeded its April Revenue Plan of $2.0 million by 23 percent, delivering $2.46 million in revenue for the month. The Company also drove a 12 percent increase in Month-to-Month revenue over the $2.2 million revenue recorded in March of 2022. This is the first time in Company history where monthly revenue results exceeded $2 million for three consecutive months, marking the ninth consecutive month of sustained Cyberlux revenue growth. On a Year-to-Date basis, Cyberlux posted $8.7 million in revenue versus the Plan of $6.5 million, beating the Year-to-Date Plan by 34 percent. In a Year-to-Date comparison, the Digital Platform Solutions unit is 47 percent above Plan, the Unmanned Aircraft Solutions unit is 31 percent above Plan, the Advanced Lighting Solutions unit is 16 percent above plan, and the Infrastructure Technology Solutions is 27 percent above Plan. With the Company’s four business units all delivering results above Plan, Cyberlux Management expects the revenue growth performance to continue and accelerate during Q3 2022 and Q4 2022 to achieve its 2022 revenue outlook of $44.8 million, generating a substantial positive net income from Operations for the year. 

Cyberlux Corporation CEO Mark Schmidt commented:

“Dear CYBL Community, our April results confirm that we have achieved our next breakthrough in growth with the Company’s revenue increasing month-to-month again and exceeding the important $2 million per month revenue milestone for the third month in a row. Most significantly, we are ahead of our Year-to-Date Plan by $2.2 million, with Year-to-Date Revenue of $8.7 million versus the Plan of $6.5 million – this is an important achievement as it sets the pace for the rest of the year. All four of our business units (Digital Platform Solutions, Unmanned Aircraft Solutions, Advanced Lighting Solutions, and Infrastructure Technology Solutions) are ahead of their Year-to-Date Plans by significant margins, and each is growing rapidly with revenue streams at record levels.

As we have demonstrated over the last nine months, the Cyberlux advanced technology platform structure is driving our growth and propelling our Operation Alpha revenue execution, with results continuously exceeding Management’s expectations. And the results tell the whole story:  our April 2022 revenue performance is 23% over our April 2022 Plan of $2.0 million, we posted 12% revenue growth Month-to-Month, and we are 34% over our Year-to-Date Plan. As we are now four months into the year, Management is even more committed to our revenue guidance, and we expect the Cyberlux revenue to continue to build through the year, with Q3 and Q4 delivering most of the anticipated revenue growth for the year. With our performance now trending at $2.2 million in revenue ahead of our Year-to-Date Plan, we are very excited by the trajectory we are on and the pipeline ahead to achieve our 2022 revenue outlook of $45 million.

With the almost complete transformation of the Cyberlux company over the last nine months, we are now addressing new global markets, with a vast set of opportunities across all our product lines, with new customers and with new partnerships. Both our Unmanned Aircraft Solutions (UAS) unit under GM Isely and our Digital Platform Solutions (DPS) unit under GM Stanisavljev are setting the pace for the Company’s future valuation, and all four business units will continue to drive our enterprise growth in 2022 and beyond. As I’ve said, we are building a global enterprise, we are addressing markets of over $800 billion annually, we are executing plans that will drive Cyberlux to be the multi-billion-dollar company we expect, and we believe the Market will ultimately recognize the value we are creating for our shareholders. We are Harnessing the Future!

Along with the stellar April revenue results of $2.46 million, we also achieved many other significant accomplishments during the month. Here’s a brief recap of these April 2022 milestones:

  • We reported revenue for April of $2.46 million, which is the first time revenue has exceeded $2 million in the month of April in company history. April revenue exceeded our April Plan of $2.0 million by 23% and each business unit overachieved their April Plan. April revenue performance was also the third consecutive month where revenue exceeded the $2.0 million milestone, another first for Cyberlux. We also saw month-to-month revenue growth of 12% over March’s revenue results. 
  • We reported Year-to-Date revenue through April of $8.7 million versus our Year-to-Date Plan of $6.5 million, exceeding the Plan by a 34% margin. This is the first time in Company history that revenue has exceeded $6 million on an April Year-to-Date basis.
  • We completed the arduous process of removing the 700 million ‘ghost shares’ from our Outstanding Share level, with the TA process concluding last week.  This was a complex situation, but we persevered and removed the 700 million shares.
  • We concluded our first full team briefing on the UAS activity and integration with the DPS/ITS/ALS teams. Our business units working together like this is a force-multiplier for our long-term Cyberlux competitive advantage.
  • We updated our OTC profile verification, with the assistance of a few mindful shareholders.
  • Our Chief Test Pilot Paul Nurkkula @nurkfpv did extensive field testing of our Catalyst Cinematography drones, putting the machine through all its capabilities!
  • Our Board met as committed to discuss targeted corporate governance actions.  So far, we have further reduced our Authorized Shares by 1.75 billion shares, or 20%, to 7.0 billion shares.
  • Our HAVAS team has the renewable energy testbed up and running in Colombia and our Infrastructure Technology Business Unit shared a video of the operation.
  • We announced our Q1 results where our revenue exceeded Plan 39% and grew 14% Quarter-to-Quarter.
  • We just posted another 2022 Q&A with our CEO Mark Schmidt. Click the link to hear about the Company’s current and future performance as we continue our 2022 fast start:

  • Wired Magazine covered our Chief Test Pilot Paul Nurkkula with an unbelievable filming performance using our Catalyst Cinematography drone.
  • We introduced the new Law Enforcement Drone offerings as our UAS team is rapidly moving FlightEye solutions into the market.
  • We provided initial information on our Business Unit teams pursuing multiple new opportunities in Europe. We expect to disclose further details this month.
  • We introduced Mr. Igor Stanisavljev, our GM & Chief Product Officer of the Digital Platform Solutions Business Unit. Check out his introduction video below:


As I’ve detailed above, April was a terrific month as we posted the best revenue results ever for a single month, including posting the third consecutive month with revenue over $2 million for the month. All four of our business units are continuing to drive 2022 to be a remarkable success, while also fully transforming the Cyberlux company in the process. The Cyberlux enterprise now operates across worldwide time zones, and our teams in the U.S., South America and Europe are truly driving our growth and success as we serve incredibly exciting markets and opportunities. It bears mentioning again that our team is operating on a 24/7 basis and has been working around the clock on our Ukrainian supply effort. It is an honor every day to work with these great people, and our team is delivering remarkable results and driving the type of future shareholder value that the market will be unable to ignore going forward. We see the future of Cyberlux, and we will deliver for our customers and shareholders, and we are just getting started.”

About Cyberlux Corporation

Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL) is a digital technology platform company providing breakthrough Digital Platform Solutions, including Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service solutions, advanced Unmanned Aircraft Solutions, Advanced Lighting Solutions, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Technology Solutions to U.S. government agencies, commercial customers, and international growth markets.  Cyberlux is “Harnessing the Future” by leading digital transformation across global industries, driving operational growth through an accelerated acquisitions and joint ventures strategy, and continuously fueling growth with current and future technology developments. For more information, please visit www.cyberlux.com. For investor information, please contact:  ir_cybl@cyberlux.com


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