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Cyberlux Corporation

Founded in 2000, Cyberlux Corporation is a Defense Industry technology solutions company. The Company has three defense technology business units including:

Unmanned Aircraft Solutions (UAS):
The Cyberlux Defense Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) solve the challenges of the modern-day battlefield, accommodating a variety of attachable payloads. Lightweight and man-portable, Cyberlux UAS solutions are capable of beyond line-of-sight engagements that are enabled by first-person view (FPV) command and control. Military customers have options including the integration with Battle Management Systems (BMS) as well as fire-and-forget technologies substantially resistant to EW.

Datron Military Communications (DMC):
Datron World Communications, a Cyberlux company, is the price-performance leader for military communications equipment recognized globally for performance, ease of operation, serviceability and low life-cycle cost. For over 50 years, Datron has partners with governments, militaries, public safety organizations, security forces and commercial users worldwide to innovate and rapidly deploy mission-critical high frequency (HF), very high frequency (VHF), multiband (MB) voice/data solutions. Datron World Communications has customers in over 80 countries who benefit from communications systems that reliably perform in demanding environments. Datron’s military communication technology expands from short range (VHF/MB) to long range communications (HF).

Special Activities (SA):
Cyberlux Special Activities offers its customers subject matter expertise in all aspects of military training and advisement, UAS training and operations, munitions, heavy and light weapons, research and development, Soldier Systems, communications, technology integration, cyber, maritime operations, and air operations.

Investor Relations

Shareholder Frequently Asked Questions

Although Cyberlux has previously indicated its aspirational goal to be registered with the SEC, becoming so registered is not an immediate corporate goal. Cyberlux Corporation’s annual report for fiscal year 2023 will not be filed with the SEC.

The OTCM readmitted Cyberlux to the Disclosure and News Service during the final week of March 2024. On April 1, 2024, the company timely filed its 2023 fiscal year disclosure. It is the company’s intention to resume the process with the OTCM to seek the removal of the CE designation.

Subject to limitations such as holding restricted securities, investors may seek to effect private sales of Cyberlux stock or may find a broker-dealer currently effecting transactions in Cyberlux Corporation’s stock.

Although approved by the board of directors in 2022, Cyberlux does not currently have a stock buy back program in place, but, pursuant to such board approval, is considering the possibility of adopting such a program.

Cyberlux does not have a current buy-back program or a program to arrange loans, with its shares as collateral.

It is Cyberlux Corporation’s policy to provide information to all investors simultaneously. Thus, to the extent we prepare a 2024 business plan for investors, or provide projections, they will be available through our website.

Through Datron World Communications and defense industry acquisitions, Cyberlux has extended its product offerings, and growth opportunities. It is our intention to continue to develop our three core business offerings detailed in the “Business Units” tab.

Cyberlux has returned to “Pink Limited Information” status. It will seek to resume “Pink Current” status and to have the “Caveat Emptor” warning lifted. Cyberlux has contemplated a buy-back program, and may determine to implement one.

We hope to schedule in the near future. We will issue a press release when such a call is scheduled.

Annual Report

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All inquiries may be addressed to:

Investor Relations
Cyberlux Corporation
800 Park Offices Drive, Suite 3209, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
(984) 363-6894

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