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Special Activities

The Special Activities Division specializes in all aspects of warfare and is the action arm of Cyberlux Corporation. The division provides on the ground support for a multitude of initiatives across all Cyberlux business verticals. Cyberlux Special Activities offers its customers subject matter expertise in all aspects of military training and advisement, UAS training and operations, munitions, heavy and light weapons, research and development, Soldier Systems, communications, technology integration, cyber, maritime operations, and air operations. The Special Activities Division is composed of a world class staff ranging from retired Special Operations personnel to world ranked UAS Pilots; this enables Special Activities to develop scalable solutions for every client’s needs, and to meet a wide array of missions. Special Activities is adaptable and performs to meet the client’s business objectives with the utmost professionalism.

Subject matter expertise in all aspects of military training and advisement


Partnerships in the development of munitions, heavy and light weapons

Research & Development

Implementaton of the latest tech in cyber, maritime, and air operations

Technology Integration

Solutions for every client's needs, and to meet a wide array of missions

Scalable Solutions

Cyberlux Special Activities has played a key role engaging our foreign and domestic customers at the ground level, understanding their challenges, and has provided comprehensive tactical/operational solutions. The Division’s interface with clients at the user level has been critical in capturing user level feedback, which has driven Cyberlux’s research and development for future products. Cyberlux Special Activities has conducted two foreign UAS Pilot courses, supported numerous U.S. Special Operations Forces training and testing events, and spearheaded multiple foreign and domestic business development initiatives.

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