Founded as an Advanced Lighting company in 2000, Cyberlux Corporation became a supplier to the Department of Defense (DoD) after being asked by the United States Air Force to leverage our unique Cyberlux LED lighting technologies to solve tough problems for elite Special Forces Teams; problems multiple aerospace and defense contractors had tried but failed to solve.

In 2021, Cyberlux set out to re-engineer the Corporation using a proven approach to achieve both rapid revenue expansion and industry diversification simultaneously. Leveraging a market capitalization of well over $100M, this strategy for fueling acquisition, investment and internal growth has already shown dramatic results. The Company has:

  • Introduced products and solutions across multiple industries, going well beyond the hardened multispectral illuminators Cyberlux had become known for.
  • Expanded the business and organized the company into verticals focused on targeted markets.
  • Launched four business units including:

Digital Platform Solutions (DPS): Government and Industry Business Digital Transformation Solutions, Digital Services Management, UAS Guidance System Software, UAS Service Support Software, and Telecommunications, Data Center and Data Analytics Application Solutions, with ongoing technology and Strategic IP development.

Unmanned Aircraft Solutions (UAS): Military-Grade Hardware and Software Guidance System Platform, with Enhanced Infrared Night Vision, Thermal Sensor technology, Eye-in-the-Sky Monitoring, LiDAR Mapping and Perception, and ongoing Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) development with Strategic Partner technology.

Infrastructure Technology Solutions (ITS): Infrastructure Hardware capabilities, including Renewable Energy products and projects, Telecommunications Technology, Infrastructure Project Implementation, and ongoing related technology IP development.

And the existing Advanced Lighting Solutions (ALS): Cyberlux Advanced Infrared and White LED Lighting System Platform used as Solutions across U.S. agencies, and ongoing Strategic IP development with legacy and future Strategic Partner technologies.

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