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Datron Military Communications

Datron World Communications, a Cyberlux company, is the price-performance leader for military communications equipment recognized globally for performance, ease of operation, serviceability and low life-cycle cost.
Datron has customers in over 80 countries that benefit from communications systems supported by a global representative network. For over 50 years, Datron has partnered with governments, militaries, public safety organizations, security forces and commercial users worldwide to develop communications solutions.
Datron provides a comprehensive selection of reliable HF, VHF, and Multiband military voice and data radio products with rapidly deployable IP networking

Spectre M® series of multiband SDR transceivers provide a technology-rich, high-performance, competitively-priced, multiband military handheld radio that features embedded ECCM, COMSEC (AES-256), GPS, and data capabilities. The Spectre M® Handheld Radio (HH3100) can be used as a handheld transceiver or integrated with the Spectre M® Mobile Mount (MT3100) as a 50W vehicular or fixed base system. It is fully compatible with our Spectre V® series radios (PRC2100V and HH2100V).

SPECTRE M® Handheld Radio

SPECTRE M® Mobile Mount

SPECTRE M® Amplifier

Spectre H® series of HF SDR transceivers are rugged HF Software Defined Radios (SDR) that provide state of the art digital communications including MELPe digital voice and MIL-STD-188-110B data with optional frequency hopping and high-level AES encryption. Datron’s Virtual Remote Control Unit software —DL7700-VRCU-DATA —provides the Spectre H® SDR Transceivers (RT7700H and PRC7700H) with remote control, e-mail and data services. Spectre H® transceivers enable users to benefit from select future enhancements via software updates. The Spectre H® Base Station (RT7700H) is available in high-power configurations up to 10 kW.

SPECTRE H® Manpack Radio

SPECTRE H® Base Station

SPECTRE H® Amplifier 100W

Spectre V® series of VHF transceivers operate in either clear channel or full-band frequency hopping modes with complementary digital encryption. The Spectre V® Manpack Radio (PRC2100V) combines high-performance with low life-cycle cost. This radio provides users with voice and data capabilities, GPS, ECCM and COMSEC, and an intuitive man/machine interface in the user’s native language, that represents today’s best value in a military communications system. It includes many new features including GPS Reporting and Spectre Messaging. The Selective Calling option provides the ability to scan channels.

SPECTRE V® Manpack Radio

SPECTRE V® Mobile Mount

SPECTRE V® Handheld Transceiver

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