Cyberlux Corporation (OTC: CYBL) Exceeds its February Revenue Plan by 41% and Records 11% Month to Month Growth to Drive the Company’s Key Accomplishments for the Month of February 2022

The Company exceeded its February Plan by 41 percent and increased Revenue by 11 percent Month-to-Month as one of many Key Milestones achieved during February 2022

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (March 10, 2022) – Today, Cyberlux Corporation, (OTC: CYBL), an advanced digital technology platform company leading the digital transformation evolution across industries with breakthrough Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, advanced unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), cutting-edge lighting solutions, and renewable energy and infrastructure technology solutions, announced that the Company exceeded its February Revenue Plan of $1.5 million by 41 percent, delivering $2.12 million in revenue for the month. The Company also drove an 11 percent increase in February revenue over January’s record revenue. For the first time in the history of the Company’s financial performance, the February revenue results exceeded $2 million and marked the seventh consecutive month of sustained revenue growth. Further, Cyberlux Management expects the quarterly revenue growth to continue during 2022 and beyond, as the Company achieves its 2022 revenue outlook of $44.8 million and generates a substantial positive net income from Operations for the year. 

Cyberlux Corporation CEO Mark Schmidt commented:

“Dear CYBL Community, we are witnessing our advanced technology platform strategy yield the results we imagined when we put the Operation Alpha plan in action during Q3 2021. With the four business units we now have and the markets we now serve, including our Digital Platform Solutions team and our FlightEye Unmanned Aircraft Systems team, I am truly excited with our February revenue performance. For the month, we exceeded our 2022 February revenue plan of $1.5 million by 41% and posted our best month ever with our $2.12 million revenue results. This also puts us well over $1 million ahead of our internal year-to-date goals for achieving our $45 million revenue outlook for the 2022 full year.

As I’ve said before, we generally see Cyberlux business and revenue building through the year from Q2 to Q4, with Q1 being a fraction of the full year results. The Operation Alpha acquisition strategy and the 2022 Fast Start program we’re executing are driving the Company to grow at an amazing rate month-to-month, across all our business units. Over the last six months, the addition of the FlightEye drone team with GM Larson Isely, the infrastructure business with the FBD Group and the HAVAS team, the Digital Platform Solutions team under GM Igor Stanisavljev with both the Kreatx and the DAS teams, and the stellar Chris Damvakaris as our Chief Revenue Officer, our team is driving the Cyberlux company forward as a global enterprise like we’ve never seen before. Each month we now see the results of Cyberlux participating in the $1 trillion global markets we serve and building growth in revenue and profit month after month.

For the seventh consecutive month, we have exceeded our expected revenue performance and the continued growth we’ve seen from January to February is exceptional. During the last seven months, we have ramped revenue growth to almost $12 million cumulatively and set the course to achieve our 2022 outlook and grow to the $2 billion company we expect Cyberlux to become. While we have been in difficult OTC market ‘risk off’ conditions over the last few months, we are truly just getting started and just beginning to see the results of the first phase of our growth plans. Each Cyberlux manager, across the four business units, is incented by growth in shareholder value and we are aligned with the CYBL shareholder community in everything we do. As we move forward this year,  quarter by quarter, we believe the market will recognize the shareholder value we are delivering, see the enormous opportunity in markets like the digital transformation market and the UAS market, and understand why our exponential company growth is just beginning. Let’s go!

In addition to the best-ever February revenue results for the Company, we had many other significant accomplishments during the month. Here’s a brief recap of the milestones we achieved:

  • We reported revenue for February of $2.12 million, which is the first time revenue has exceeded $2 million in a month in the history of Cyberlux. February revenue exceeded both our February Plan of $1.5 million by 41% and our internal operational milestones for our full year growth outlook. Each business unit overachieved the February Plan with ALS +10%, UAS +12%, ITS +31% and DPS +46% to Plan levels. We also saw month-to-month revenue growth of 11% over January’s revenue results.

  • We formed a new Channel Business Partnership with The ARG Group, LLC (www.thearggroup.com) to drive and accelerate the revenue growth of the FlightEye Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) Solutions products, the Advanced Lighting Solutions (ALS) products and certain tactical solar power generation solutions. The ARG Group (ARG) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and a HUBZone certified small business, and a leading provider of advanced technology equipment to the Department of Defense, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and US Allies. ARG has a global reach across North and South America and Europe and delivers tactical solutions to the warfighter, including drone capabilities and advanced technology products for special operators, through the Special Operations Command, the U.S. Air Force, the National Guard Bureau, Homeland Security/Customs and Border Protection.

  • We launched the Digital Platform Solutions (DPS) business development and sales efforts with the first wave of target companies and industries, with the mission to drive both end-to-end PaaS and SaaS offerings to global government, military, and commercial customers. The Digital Automation Solution team (DAS) (https://www.digitalautomationsolution.com) has expert knowledge and customer experience in building Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Mobile applications across a variety of industries, and we began the  software engineering and solution development coordination between the DAS team and the Kreatx team to force-multiply the innovative software solutions development and continue the groundbreaking PaaS and SaaS intellectual property development underway.

  • We began to implement of our strategic investment plan with our digital technology platform development and ongoing incremental investments in our four business units – Digital Platform Solutions, FlightEye UAS Solutions, Advanced Lighting Solutions, and Infrastructure Technology Solutions – to continue our drive to make Cyberlux a leading digital technology growth company.

  • During February, we had multiple significant U.S., South American and European ALS and UAS meetings on opportunities across the regional military and law enforcement agencies we have been pursuing, expanding on our earlier DC meetings. We expect contracting in Q2 2022 fiscal quarter. We will have more to report once there is no further competitive threat.

  • Following our Q1 Roadmap plan, we are continuing to evaluate our strategic financial partners. We have eliminated 4 of the 7 financial partners we have in consideration, to ensure that shareholder value creation is the fundamental objective. With ongoing strategic guidance from our institutional partners, we are continuing to drive the Company’s transformation and institutionalize as rapidly as possible, with ongoing changes in our corporate development and positioning. We will continue to communicate updates as possible.

  • Our South American team completed the engineering plan for the 31-hectare renewable energy generation project and submitted to the Colombian government agencies for approval. The team is also in early stage development of our next potential solar farm in the Manizales, Colombia area. Also, there was additional implementation progress on two municipal streetlight projects and our Infrastructure Technology Solutions (ITS) services are being presented across South America now. As previously disclosed, our ITS team is also in the final phase of the $47 million U.S. infrastructure opportunity selection, which is progressing slowly but we expect results this month. Further, our ITS business unit reported on a European project being executed by our FBD team. This $3+ million project covers 40 miles of electrical grid and fiber optics communications infrastructure construction.
  • Our Cyberlux Chief Test Pilot Paul “Nurk” Nurkkala recently conducted a Cinematography Class Drone Assessments at the National Museum of the United States Air Force and we published the results here:

  • We completed execution of Phase 1 and began Phase 2 of the Company Platform and Business Unit Website Integration Plan. We expect the new website to evolve incrementally this month and transform to fully represent the Cyberlux advanced technology platform business.

  • Our 2021 Annual Report is in review for publishing in March as planned well before the March 31st requirement

As I’ve noted, February was a great month for the Cyberlux company and our shareholders as we posted the best revenue results ever for a single month and grew the business significantly across all four of our business units. The transformation of the Cyberlux company is fully underway with amazing monthly accomplishments across the organization, along with a markable pipeline of growth catalysts derived from our new platform companies. Our Cyberlux team is a 24/7 organization, as exemplified yesterday and last night as we worked across business units to support the efforts to aid Ukraine.  I’ve mentioned before the ‘do whatever it takes’ character of our team, but it is really true. Our team is full speed, every hour of every day when necessary and I am grateful for these awesome people I have the honor to work with. This team will deliver amazing shareholder value growth, only limited by the macro environment, and is fully committed to the success of the Cyberlux enterprise. And the Cyberlux team is continuously grateful for the constant support of our shareholders as we harness the future!”

About Cyberlux Corporation

Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL) is a digital technology platform company providing breakthrough Digital Platform Solutions, including Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service solutions, advanced Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Solutions, Advanced Lighting Solutions, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Technology Solutions to U.S. government agencies, commercial customers, and international growth markets.  Cyberlux is “Harnessing the Future” by leading digital transformation across global industries, driving operational growth through an accelerated acquisitions and joint ventures strategy, and continuously fueling growth with current and future technology developments. For more information, please visit www.cyberlux.com. For investor information, please contact:  ir_cybl@cyberlux.com


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